Reflections of an IA Summit "noob"

Based on my experiences with other conferences, I had expected to walk away from my first IA Summit with notepads of information, a handful of business card, and a suitcase full of swag.  Meh.

However, my experience at the IA Summit provided far more value than what I had expected to cram in my suitcase.  What I discovered was a diverse and vibrant community of practitioners that think like me, talk like me, and do what I do.   It is a community where I can learn, share, and teach.  I am thrilled to be a User Experience Designer and I have found a place where I belong.  

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  1. Phillip says:

    That’s cool. I had the same experience at IxDA09.

  2. Hey Damon,

    Here’s a very belated comment on your info vis (, right?). I randomly discovered your blog in search of images for a presentation deck–ironically, not at all about content strategy. But I LOVE the fact that it’s front and center! And I’m emailing the link to Whitney Hess. That was the whole point of her presentation–that getting one’s own name out builds community. Here’s hoping we can all follow in her footsteps.



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