I’m Just Full of Hot Air

This past fall, my wife and I went on a hot air balloon ride to celebrate her 30th birthday.   Well, it just so happens that I have a fear of heights.   More specifically, I have an acute fear of falling from a height that could cause bodily damage.   So, a hot air balloon ride qualifies as pure terror in my book.   Here is a memorable picture from our trip…


Experience design is about people.   It is about designing experiences for people within a context.   Standing in a straw basket for an hour is one experience.   However, standing in a straw basket that is thousands of feet in the hour is a different context that results in an entirely different experience.   Not everyone has the same experience within a given context though.   Although I was terrified the entire trip, my wife loved the experience! 

Experience design is not a methodology or a series of deliverables, but rather a mindset.   As a self-proclaimed experience designer, my mindset is to understand people and their context.   Based on that information, my goal is to design experiences that improve their lives in some small way.   In a recent interview, Jesse James Garrett commented that if you “add all of the little experiences up, that is the sum of someone’s life.   The ability to touch people in that way is really profound.”   I could not agree more.

Our guide of the balloon ride claimed that a hot air balloon ride is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.   I intend to hold him to it…   Although the picture above was “photoshopped”, it does actually reflect how I felt in the basket.

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